2017 - A review

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I tried to narrow down our 2017 to fewer photos but I did my best for 365 days of one of the biggest years of my life so here it is...and we’re only 10 days into the new year! :) (So that’s a success for me in my poor blogging habits, which is on my improvement list of New Years resolutions.)

This is in REVERSE chronological order because, hey, that’s how my photos uploaded so... yeah.

My niece Ramona was born 9 days after Charlotte! They will be birthday twins (and I hope super close cousins) forever 

Our most anticipated event(sorry everyone else): the arrival of our darling Charlotte! I apologize that she has taken over everything in our social media... BUT if you are one of those people who really want to see her face, you’re welcome :)
Not so newborn anymore :(

Fresh in the world. It was magic and means the world to me to have had such an amazing team to help me bring her into the world. I just realized, maybe I should post about her birth story...

I celebrate being pregnant for a full 9 months. Never done that before. I loved every time a midwife or doctor would congratulate me on a normal, healthy pregnancy. It might have been normal for them to say but it was an incredible blessing to carry a healthy baby girl. All I hoped and prayed for was a boring, standard pregnancy and that’s what I got. I know that for every woman that has this experience, there is another whose heart is aching. I love you and pray for you.  

My friends in London threw the most beautiful Afternoon Tea themed baby shower to welcome Charlotte Taylor!

We took a relaxing, WARM babymoon in Majorca

The best dish of food the whole YEAR was eaten in Majorca: suckling pig. We still dream about it and would go back just for this...

We got to visit family in Utah! You can tell by these photos I chose that I miss the big open sky and the sun/sunsets of the desert most of all.

A quick trip to New York City!
We took in a Yankee game, a broadway show (Dear Evan Hansen), went on a spectacular helicopter ride, and had a photo shoot with my 25 week belly in Central Park

A weekend in Liverpool for The Open. It was our second time here so we went directly to the Albert Docks where my favorite fish and chip shop of all time is located. Yum!

We found out baby is a girl!
My favorite part of this story is that Taylor’s best friend and his wife were pregnant at the same time (our due dates were one day apart!) so we organized an exchange to reveal the gender of our babies to each other! It has been so fun to share this experience with them.

We moved! We needed a larger flat to bring Charlie home to since we’ve lived in a studio flat for the last 3 years. It has been a wonderful upgrade in space even though it needs some loving hands. I’ll share before and after pics 

We had so many good time with so many good friends in London. We are grateful to get to know such wonderful people here. 
This photo was from the night before all the scaffolding went up around the clock tower. It was a beautiful summer night to walk across town (eating the best ice cream in London, of course) just to see it and hear Big Ben for the last time since it will be closed and covered for the next three years!

I got to attend Rugby Sevens in the famous Twickenham Stadium. If I ever go again, I will definitely participate in the hilarious tradition of dressing up in group costumes to attend. I walked from the train station to the stadium with a group of inflatable dinosaurs, the characters from the Wizard of Oz, a group of women in orange prison jumpsuits etc. 

Got to see Gavin DeGraw in concert. I have loved him for fooorrreevvvveerrrrrr.

Hearing baby’s strong heartbeat made our hearts soar every time. It is the most beautiful sound in the world and we were anxious to hear it at every appointment. 

A trip to Paris!
We did the tourist thing to see spots we didn’t get to on our last trip but the main event was the Paris Temple open house! A gorgeous, small temple a short walk from the amazing palace of Versailles.

Bath, England! We love this charming town but especially the FUDGE. Random but serious.

Weekend in the Peak District with friends. One of the most beautiful areas in the country and I love it so so much. We have been multiple times and we don’t tend to repeat because there are so many places on our list! :) 

We have been in London for 3 1/2 years and we love it. 

Baby Larson never leaves our minds. He was due February 23 so it will always be a special day to me.

I spent my birthday traveling to Utah to be with family for some pretty major events. *Fun Fact: this was my longest birthday ever because of the time difference I traveled. Just over 36 hours of birthday time for me!  

I embroidered a blanket for my nephew on the plane ride to Utah. 
Ansel Robert was born with a heart defect (HPLH) and intervention would not extend his life so we soaked up as much time as we could with him. 44 hours was not enough but I know he felt our love while he was here. I know we will see him again.

This moment had to be documented because we haven’t all been in the same room for over 3 years! 

I gained a sister!
Welcome to the Larson Clan! 

 2017 was a roller coaster year. My highest high and lowest low in my life to date. I found an Arabic proverb that I love so much: What is coming is better than what is gone.
I know this is true and I am trying to be ready for it.
2018, bring it on.

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